Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 24: Organization

For the month of October, I am joining over a thousand other bloggers by linking up with The Nester for 31 day blogging challenge where we post about one topic each day for the whole month.  After lots of consideration, I have chosen to take a journey through this book31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, by Sarah Mae.  Check out more information about the book from my 1st post here, and see my intro post with the links to the entire series here.

"...don’t let the beautiful pictures that you see in catalogs and online intimidate you to the point where you don’t do anything" -page 49 of 31 Days to Clean

I am so guilty of this.  I see beautiful homes and spaces on blogs and pintrest.  Everything I try and do to create these things never end up the way I wish for them to be.  It is so frustrating.  It is even demotivating.

"I believe that a reasonably organized home means that you can find what you need when you need it. You don’t have to waste tons of time hunting for your stuff." Page 50 of 31 Days to Clean

It is good to know that no matter my messes, no matter my imperfections, I can still most likely make my home reasonably organized.  My home may never look as beautiful as those bloggers and pins I love to be inspired by, but you know what, if I can find my keys, and get out the door with out spending 20 minutes looking for the things I need, then it is good enough.  I long to create beauty in my home, to give life to it, it is something I am working on.  I am actually thinking that I may just have a "pintrest worthy" project in the making... stay tuned.

Martha Challenge:  Created a HUGE purge pile, to sell at a garage sale... eventually.

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