Monday, November 18, 2013

3 Years Old

Big Boy,

I can not believe how true those words ring in my ears.  You are indeed a Big Boy now.  You have had an amazing year!  You started the year in diapers, but soon upgraded to big boy undies.  You moved into a big boy bed.  You started having actual conversations with people, and now you barely stop talking!  You discovered your love for outdoors, parks and playing.  You love books, superhero's and building.  You discovered your love for movies especially with mommy cuddles.

You are coming into your own, and sometimes it a bit too hard for this momma to handle.

You have the best laugh in the entire world!  Your smile melts my heart.  You are stubborn just like your momma, and have a hard time accepting things you don't want to do.  You love to play and tease and run and hide.  Your gusto for life never ceases to amazing me.  You greet each morning with so much joy.  Even though, most of the time I wish you would let me wake up and have my coffee first, or sleep in just a little longer, I love your passion for life.  You started Awana this year and LOVE it.  You are always excited to go to church to see your teachers.  I pray your love for Church and seeking God will only grow as you get bigger.

Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet little man!

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