Thursday, November 7, 2013

What would you do?

I was listening to the radio the other day, and the DJ mentioned a survey in which the question was asked:

If you had an extra $100 to spend per month, what would you do with it?

My mind was in a quick whirl as to what I would choose.  Then the DJ revealed the most stated answer.  I immediately identified with it and nodes my head vigorously.  Pretty sure that the car next to me thought I was head banging to some heavy metal...

The answer resignated very deeply with me.  In fact, I already had asked my husband for this for Christmas. (Babe, if you are reading this PRETTY PLEASE!)  Are you ready?

A House Cleaning Service

I barely imagine the thought of walking into my home, and it looking spotless.  The fact that everything was done, and my home looked it's best.  The better part?  I didn't have to do it myself!  The glorious feeling would sit with me and I would soak it in for a few moments.  My kids would then destroy it, but that feeling that my home was perfect would stay.  How glorious would that be?  I'm not saying that is what I would do with an extra $100 each month, but it would FOR SURE be in the running!

There is a second part to this story, but that is for another time.  For now I want to know...

If you had an extra $100 per month, what would you do with it?

Please let me know by commenting below!  I'd love to hear about it!

1 comment:

  1. I would put it toward our debt! No questions asked. I'd add it to what we're already spending on our student loans to pay those beasts away even faster.

    Then if I had no debt... I like to think I'd sponsor a child. But if we ever moved out of our tiny NYC apartment, a house cleaning service could be tempting! ;)