Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Six Fast and Easy Ways to Save Money when Shopping Online.

I am a HUGE fan of online shopping.  It helps me with my busy schedule to get things done.  I also love saving money!  Here are my favorite tools that I use to save when I shop online.

1. Amazon Prime
If you have not already heard, about the great thing called Amazon Prime.  Please allow me to educate you.  It is amazing!  Here are the highlighted benefits.

  • Free 2 Day Shipping on most Amazon Products
  • Free unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Free books for Kindle owners (up to one per month on select devices)
  • Membership cost: $79 per year

I did all online shopping for my kids this year.  Ordering with free 2 day shipping means that I got my gifts quickly, and was easily able to take advantage of the deals and not have to add in pricing.  It ALSO provides free streaming of movies.  It has a great selection, some of it crosses over with Netflix (which we have and love), but Amazon has Nickelodeon shows, and more BBC options, and we LOVE Doctor Who.  It is also CHEAPER than Netflix for one year, and has a rental option for those who are cheap, and don't do cable.  If you are a mom who has kids in diapers, than you may want to look into Amazon Mom, while it doesn't include the streaming or other freebies, it does offer you great prices (20% off!) on things you use all the time, without having to leave your home with kids in tow.  Our family has easily covered and more than the Amazon Prime's $79 membership cost, and save tons of money and time this year!

2. Ebates
A free program where you get a percentage of cash back for shopping online!  Did I mention it is FREE!!!  All you do is signup for free, and then shop from the ebates link provided.  You still qualify for any other discounts the site is offering and then each quarter you get either a check or money into your PayPal account.  Here is the other GREAT thing, you can still use discount codes, or anything else a regular shopper would!  For example, if you knew you were going to make a BIG purchase at a place like Home Depot, you could easily buy it through ebates, and then select the "pick up in store" option.  You get an extra percentage back in cash (currently it is 3%), plus if you use a rewards credit card, you can usually get an additional 1-5% back.  Which will significantly drop your overall cost.  LOVE IT!  It also provides great coupon codes for you to use for additional savings!

3. Retail Me Not
If you haven't used this before, you are missing out!  It has a fabulous site with great coupons, and also has a great mobile app for in stores.  I always check this site before ordering on line.  It is such a fast and easy way to save money!

4. Free Shipping
This site gives you some great codes for free shipping that you can use to get your goods to you for free!  Sometimes it even has extra coupon codes as well!

5. Member Sites
There are lots of these sites, the ones that i have used personally are Joss & Main for home goods and Zulilly for kids/home.  It is FREE to sign up/join.  They are great because you can get brand name items for half the cost!  They each have "events" which only last a set amount of time and they only have selected products, but if you are patient and wait you can find KILLER deals on great products that rarely go on sale anywhere else.

6. YOU!
As the consumer you have the power!   Plan ahead, spend a few minutes to google a coupon code, or wait for sales and you can save your family tons of money.  I don't know about you, but I love saving money, the more the better!  The best way for you to save money online shopping is by being smart, spending a few minutes going through these tips, or even better discover your own!

What tips do you use when shopping online?  How have you saved money?

This post contains affiliate links.  I appreciate your support by signing up or purchasing through them.  Thanks so much!

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