Wednesday, April 30, 2014

10 Reasons You Are Homemaking Challenged and 10 Simple Ways to Overcome (part 1)

Are you challenged in the area of homemaking?  Don't worry, you are in good company.  I am extremely challenged in this area, but it is an area I am learning and growing in every day.   I have started to make some changes and realized that coming of with some specific reasons that I am challenged, as well as solutions for those challenges could be the key to helping me grow even more in this area.  Have you ever sat down and asked yourself a very important question?  The question is simple.  Why?  This four part series will explore 10 reasons you are Homemaking Challenged and 10 simple ways to overcome.

why am I homemaking challenged?

Why am I so Homemaking Challenged?
Personally, every time I feel like I am finally making headway in this department, I feel like something happens and I'm forced to take 5 steps backwards.  I have been analyzing this question a lot over the last few months, and trying to come up with some concrete reasons why I might by Homemaking Challenged.       I personally am challenged in EVERY area of the home.  Running it, decorating it, cleaning it, cooking for it, maintaining it (what else did you expect from someone who names their blog 'Homemaking Challenged').

Are you Challenged in this area too?  Perhaps some of these reasons apply to you:

1. Lack of Funds
Pottery Barn?  Hahahahaha, not in my budget.  Target and Home Goods - maybe the clearance rack, if we are lucky.  Honestly, 'Home' isn't even a line item in our budget.  We just really don't have the money to delegate to it right now.  I remember watching a show where they showed a room transformation in 1 year with just $50 per month.  Instead of inspiring me, it discourage me greatly.  I'm lucky if I can come up with $10 per month from our "spending money" budget.  It isn't because I don't care, or don't want to do anything, it is genuinely that our budget is that tight.  It can be frustrating and discouraging having to wait 4 months to save up just for a gallon of paint.  Sometimes just funds alone can be a challenge.

2. Lack of Knowledge
I am no Martha Stewart.  I do not in any way have a decorating gene in my body.  I look through magazines and Pinterest, and wonder, how do they do that?  I even follow blogs, read articles and flip through books that show you step by step how to decorate.  I can look at something and see that it is lacking, play with it and make it better, but I rarely feel it is ever "Pinterest" worthy.  I can assure you, that even IF I had all of the exact items in the photo I'm attempting to recreate... it would not look nearly as good.  Sometimes my challenge is lack of simple recipes that are cheap and my family will actually eat (bonus it they are healthy!)  I have been scouring the web, and have yet to find enough easy recipes that will actually work with our hectic schedule and my family will actually eat.

3. Lack of Management
Sometimes, delegation is our best tool.  Sometimes, it is an enemy.  You know, there is one task I delegated to my husband at the beginning of February, which I told him was a HIGH priority, and have reminded him of it multiple times since, that he has YET to do (it is now the END of April folks!).  Obviously, not my best choice in delegation, as I have probably spent more time and energy reminding him and worrying about it, than if I had just done it myself.  Knowing what and when to delegate to others is an important thing to figure out.  I'm still learning this.

4. Lack of an effective routine
I pined all the charts, have made multiple attempts and having a "morning" or "evening" routine.  I have found that it doesn't work.  I know that if I could figure out a way to do some of my home tasks each day, that things wouldn't get so out of control, but I always seem to start with such great intentions, and then they just fall apart.

5. Lack of time
In my job, there are several weeks that I work 50 hours outside of the home.  Trying to balance running a home, being a mom, a wife and my job can be super challenging.  Those weeks, I get so far behind it seems as if I will never catch up.  I don't have enough time in the day to do the house work and make sure I get quality time with my kids.  It is a struggle and it is a challenge when time is tight.  This issue for me compounds on the pervious four.  When money is tight, you need more time to be creative, when you don't know how to do something, you need more time to learn and figure it out.  When you delegate, you can get more time, if you do it the right way, and it is hard to maintain an effective routine if your time is short.

How many of these things challenge you in the Homemaking Department?  Didn't find your challenges listed?  Don't worry, in part two there will be 5 more reasons you could be challenged!

Then in parts three & four I will share 10 simple ways to conquer all of these challenges.  After all, challenges are only challenges until we overcome them.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Menu Monday and No-Sew Placemats

I hope that you have all had a fabulous weekend.  My weekend was beyond amazing.  I will have to share about that more later, because today is Menu Monday where I share our family meal plan, and link it up with orgjunkie.  I am also guest posting on Crafty Allie today for a really nifty tutorial!

Here is what we plan to eat this week.
Monday: Pasta
Tuesday: Chicken Green Salsa
Wednesday: Mac 'n Cheese
Thursday: Burgers
Friday: Out

I know I am in a serious meal planning rut, but we are trying to tame our grocery bill, and keep things simple right now.

A quick reminder today is the LAST DAY to purchase the fabulous homemaking resource bundle for less than $30.  Don't do what I did last year and kick yourself for not getting it later.  If you can't pay now, there is a bill me May 1st option now too if you don't have the money in your April budget.

Today I am guest posting on Crafty Allie's Blog! She shares tons of fabulous craft projects and oh so wonderful link parties, that have great ideas.  I am honored to share this tutorial over there today.  Here is the start of my post, but you will have to go to her blog to find out how to make these fabulous placemats!

I’m so honored that Allie is letting me share this tutorial with you.  Today I will show you an easy way to make placemats, and I do mean EASY.  It all started when I fell in love with some curtains.  I was then “forced” to paint our wall grey.  Then I found a matching tablecloth for the curtains, I bought it and placed it on the table, however it was too matchy/matchy and I was not a fan.  So what is a girl to do but turn that tablecloth into placemats for our family.  Here is how I did it.

To see the full tutorial, you will have to click here!

See you back here tomorrow readers!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Resources for those who are Homemaking Challenged

It is no surprise that I am homemaking challenged.  One of the ways I strive not to be, is by reading and learning from others who have idea, experience and tips.  If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know I don't promote products here often.  I truly believe in this amazing resource and want to share it with you, because it is such a great opportunity!  Starting today, for the next six days, you can get all of these Homemaking resources:

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This post contains affiliate links

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grey Paint

I have never been a huge fan of grey.  I mean, it just makes me feel sad.  Grey is a boring, depressing color.  Or so I thought, until I found these curtains from target.  For some reason I fell in love with them.  I honestly, have no idea why, or what possessed me to like them so much.  However, I decided they would be perfect for the sliding glass doors in our dinning area.

I had my hubby install them. (Please pretend I didn't decide to hang curtains instead of clearing the the table)

Then I had a huge problem.  I still LOVED the curtains, but our wall was white, and the curtains were more of an off-white based color.  It didn't look great.  I knew that I wanted that wall as an accent wall for the dinning area and living room.

So we took the curtains down, and I was on a hunt for paint.  I had no clue what color would work, I sat in the pain aisle of Home Depot for over 30 minutes.  I decided that a dark grey would be the best color.  However, my problem became, I don't like grey paint.  I found the "warmest" grey I could, and decided if I totally hated it, I could always repaint it.

Before we could paint, we had to patch some holes.

Then we started to paint.

I loved the wall so much, I decided that we HAD to paint the kitchen the same color.  So hubby and I began furiously taping and started to paint the kitchen.

And we painted the kitchen.  Spur of the moment, just because I fell in love with this grey paint.

Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I've made in the painting department.  It made the awful yellow 70's counters less awful, and actually helped them 'go' in the kitchen!  

Just look at how amazing these curtains look against this grey wall.  

Yes, I think I love this grey.  It is amazing.  I totally painted a wall, because of curtains.  These curtains also inspired more changes in the dining room.  More coming on that in a few more weeks, but for now, I can sit on my couch, and enjoy the sunlight through my window with these beautiful curtains and wall.

Isn't it amazing how big of a difference that a simple can of paint can make?

I can't wait to add even more color to my walls all around my home!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Menu Monday week of April 21st

Our house was completely takeover by sickness last week, I got sick Monday evening - Wednesday, my big boy got it Wednesday - Friday and hubby starting feeling off yesterday.  Hoping it is just his crazy work schedule.

Also, today I have no adorable Easter photo's to share.

I have been sans phone for over a week.  (Which is partly why the social media silence)  Honestly, part of it has been a nice break.  It is nice to be less distracted, to not check my phone ever five minutes.  It also means that it is more challenging to snap photos of my babies.

This week, here is what is on the menu:

Monday - Hubby is in charge
Tuesday - Chicken Nuggets for the kids (I have a mystery shop)
Wednesday - Crockpot Chicken
Thursday - Burgers
Friday - Out

We are heading out of town next weekend!  Super excited about it!

PS linking up my menu with OrgJunkie this week!