Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grey Paint

I have never been a huge fan of grey.  I mean, it just makes me feel sad.  Grey is a boring, depressing color.  Or so I thought, until I found these curtains from target.  For some reason I fell in love with them.  I honestly, have no idea why, or what possessed me to like them so much.  However, I decided they would be perfect for the sliding glass doors in our dinning area.

I had my hubby install them. (Please pretend I didn't decide to hang curtains instead of clearing the the table)

Then I had a huge problem.  I still LOVED the curtains, but our wall was white, and the curtains were more of an off-white based color.  It didn't look great.  I knew that I wanted that wall as an accent wall for the dinning area and living room.

So we took the curtains down, and I was on a hunt for paint.  I had no clue what color would work, I sat in the pain aisle of Home Depot for over 30 minutes.  I decided that a dark grey would be the best color.  However, my problem became, I don't like grey paint.  I found the "warmest" grey I could, and decided if I totally hated it, I could always repaint it.

Before we could paint, we had to patch some holes.

Then we started to paint.

I loved the wall so much, I decided that we HAD to paint the kitchen the same color.  So hubby and I began furiously taping and started to paint the kitchen.

And we painted the kitchen.  Spur of the moment, just because I fell in love with this grey paint.

Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I've made in the painting department.  It made the awful yellow 70's counters less awful, and actually helped them 'go' in the kitchen!  

Just look at how amazing these curtains look against this grey wall.  

Yes, I think I love this grey.  It is amazing.  I totally painted a wall, because of curtains.  These curtains also inspired more changes in the dining room.  More coming on that in a few more weeks, but for now, I can sit on my couch, and enjoy the sunlight through my window with these beautiful curtains and wall.

Isn't it amazing how big of a difference that a simple can of paint can make?

I can't wait to add even more color to my walls all around my home!

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