Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hall Bath Makeover

As part of the ongoing quest to redo our home, we recently (ok, a few months ago) did a mini makeover on our hall bathroom.  I absolutely love it and am so excited to finally share it with you!

When we first moved into our home, our hall bath looked like this.

No joke, the former residents left the lovely shower curtain, and it looked like it had been there since the 60's when the house was build.  I quickly updated the shower curtain and decided to make the hall bath a Mickey Mouse theme, as it would be the primary bathroom for our kids, and I love all things Disney.  We used this shower curtain.

I was so sick of how horrid the vanity looked, I just couldn't take it any more. 

Do you see the gold and crystal knob hardware?  Super vintage and cool, but not so great for a kid bathroom.

I had my husband remove the doors for me.

He actually had to pry the hinges off because they had been painted over, and were seriously caked in paint.  Painting tip: ALWAYS remove or tape off all hardware when painting.

I sanded off about 5 coats of paint.  1-2 of off white, another of yellow, and yet another of a soft peach color.  It was bad.

I then paired the grooves of the door with a brush.

and rolled the rest of the door for a quick and even finish.

Then I started to paint the rest of the vanity.  I should say we, because one of my sweet and awesome friends came to help me.

We loved the way it looked so much, we decided to paint around the toilet as well.  I used press and seal saran wrap to protect the toilt from pain, and it worked perfect!

I had hubby replace the doors and install new hardware on them.  The change in the room was dramatic, and amazing.  I seriously love the bathroom.  I never thought I would have liked the black.  but I do.  It also goes perfectly with our Mickey theme.

Before I show you the dramatic side by side, the black paint I used.  It is CHALK PAINT!  I did it so the kids could have some fun art space.  However I love how clean and crisp the black looked in the space, so I haven't told them.  So please don't tell my kids that it is chalk paint.  

Mickey bathroom, disney, small bathroom, chalk paint in bathroom

I hope you like this transformation as much as we do.  It really only took a little bit of time and not too much money to transform.  It has really mad a huge difference.  Next on the list is to do something about that sink, add some shelving, and decor.

I am so please with how it turned out.   Every time my daughter goes in she screams "Mickey".  It is so adorable, and totally worth it.

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