Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Kid's Room - The beginning

I am going to attempt to catch you all up on some of the changes I have slowly been making to my home the last few months, starting with the kids room.  My poor kids.  Their room has been my nightmare for a very long time.

Two kids, two beds, toys for two, books galore, clothes everything everywhere.  I would spend half a day cleaning it only to find the contents dumped everywhere shortly after.

See, I really don't exaggerate.  I had just finished putting all of the laundry away, and my sweet boy thought that this would be a fun game.


Over the last few months, I have done a MAJOR revamp of the kids stuff, and I am thrilled to say, that for the most part, their room has stayed CLEAN!!!

To start, I got these lid containers at JoAnn's that are perfect for the toys the kids like to carry out into the living room and play with.

Followed by these sweet green baskets from the Dollar Tree, you really can't beat the price!

We were able to contain the toys and books to the shelving unit in their room.  We also had saved my old dresser for Max, which we fit nicely into the closet, to open up more play space for the kids.

We also got rid of the crib, and put baby girl in a toddler bed.

And then we also got rid of the nursery furniture.  It was hard to see it go, but it was a needed step.  I also taught my three year old to make his bed.  Not to bad for a 3 year old!

This is only the beginning of the changes to this room.  I can't wait to show you the other changes we have made!

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