Friday, May 2, 2014

10 Reasons You Are Homemaking Challenged and 10 Simple Ways to Overcome (part 2)

Are you challenged in the area of homemaking?  Don't worry, you are in good company.  I am extremely challenged in this area, but it is an area I am learning and growing in every day.   I have started to make some changes and realized that coming of with some specific reasons that I am challenged, as well as solutions for those challenges could be the key to helping me grow even more in this area.  Have you ever sat down and asked yourself a very important question?  The question is simple.  Why?  This four part series will explore 10 reasons you are Homemaking Challenged and 10 simple ways to overcome.

If you missed yesterday's post with reasons 1-5 please read it here!  Here are 5 MORE reasons why you might be Homemaking Challenged:

6. Failure to plan/ Lack of Organization
I cannot express how many times this trips me up.  You would think I would learn and prepare better, but I don't.  For example, we do a weekly game night at our home and I always make a dessert.  You would think that I have it down by now, but half the time hubby is running to the store for an ingredient I was "sure" we had and we are scrambling to make our home "company ready".  It is stressful, and can be frustrating.  If I would actually plan in advance, our home would be "company ready" when I left the house that morning and dessert would be already completed or at least I would know what I was making and have everything ready to go.

7. Poor Results in the Past
It is so discouraging when you get in a rut, and know that no matter what steps you take, it won't do anything to fix the problem.  So why bother even trying.  You mentally set yourself up for failure before you even start.  It is so easy when you have kids to just let things go, because you will pick up after the kids and then turn around and it will be a mess again.  Or you will pour hours into a project only to have it fail and not live up to your expectations.  When you picture your past failures, it is challenging to try again.

8. Lack of Direction
It is impossible to make something great if you don't have a plan or path to take to get there.  What is your plan for your home?  What do you want to achieve.  If you don't know, then one of your challenges may be a lack of direction.

9. Exhaustion
Middle of the night feedings, late nights, early mornings.  All of these things can add up to feeling exhausted.  When you are run down, and tired doing anything is difficult.  Doing homemaking tasks well, near impossible.

10. Laziness
There are those times when I'd rather sit or lounge on the couch and watch netflix or amazon prime than do the dishes.  Sometimes, it is simple laziness that is our biggest challenge to overcome.

So there are my 10 simple reasons why you might be Homemaking Challenged.  Next in this series,  I will share 10 simple ways to overcome these challenges so that you can be less Homemaking Challenged!

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