Welcome I'm Ashley, and I am Homemaking Challenged!
If you are too, then you have come to the right place!

I'm a wife, mom and work as a full-time Children's Pastor at our church.  I love to bake, craft, dream and plan.  I am figuring out this thing called Homemaking, what it means and how I can be not as challenged at it. Join me on my journey to conquer my home, and not stress myself out in the process!

Meet The Family

 My two CRAZY kiddos!

Hubby - The Tool Wielder/Project doer
Most pictures of him will look like this:

He really isn't a fan of pictures, but this is how he normally looks... Sporting his Dodger gear.

Little Man - "Official Mess Creator" #1 (and part-time cleaning helper)

Baby Girl - "Official Mess Creator" #2

So that is my whole little family!

Oh wait,  I can't forget our mess creator #3...
We adopted her November 2012 when we just took the kids to "look at puppies" she is such a sweetheart, and so great with the kiddos.  I just wish she didn't like to eat my shoes.

Please connect with me!

I LOVE to hear from you!  Please comment on my posts, or feel free to email me.  I really enjoy meeting new people and learning about your life as well.  It makes it so much more fun than me just babbling and rambling to myself.

How I got started

In The Beginning...
I started this blog, really to help myself and share my journey with others.  It has grown to so much more.  With a full-time job outside the house, as well as being a homemaker, things get challenging.  I'm really not that "good" at things like doing chores, or creating craft projects or cooking, I experience many "fails".  I really love the idea and process of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, but I lack the patients most of the time, and the end product is never as good in real life as it is in my head.  I see these amazing things on HGTV and Pintrest, yet I can never seem to get quite the same results I want.  I know it is a process, one I work through every day. To read my first post (which shares a bit more on why I started) click here.

This blog has become so much more than when I first started.  I have learned tons, and want to share it so that we can all become better homemakers!

Advertising Disclosure

I do advertise on my blog, and have affiliate links (you click and buy - I get money).  I try very hard to make sure that the ads are not intrusive to the readers, but it does help me support my blogging, because it isn't free.  I will soon be adding sponsors at a very reasonable rate, so if you have a blog or an etsy shop, please contact me.