Faith & Family

Faith and Family are important to me and are a BIG part of Homemaking.

You should know that I follow Jesus, and I will not apologize for my beliefs.  If they make you uncomfortable, I am sorry that you feel that way, but not for what I believe.  I try to share my faith in a way that isn't abrasive, but it is a key part of my life and the way our family's home is run.  I can not be honest in my posts without sharing about my faith.

I love my family, (you can read more about them on my about page) sometimes life can be messy.  It is wonderful, amazing and crazy.  My attempt at being less homemaking challenged, is because I want my family to have a real home.  One that isn't always chaotic, that is functional, and one that we can live life in.  I wrestle with my homemaking and strive to do better FOR my family.  Naturally, this means that they are mentioned on my blog.  Also my kids are ALL over my instagram.

Here are some posts to check out if you want to know my thoughts on faith and family.

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